09 – 29th October 2020, Den Haag

Tales of the Beings · 今昔物語

Tales of the Beings, an independent mini-exhibition represented by our carefully assembled collection of Japanese woodblock prints. The idea of ukiyo-e, the most well-known name of this form of art, translates into ‘paintings of the floating world.’ Hence, our exhibition will provide you with an extensive insight into daily life back in time, in the form of building a visualized world with fine prints in layered stories. Looking through this kaleidoscope of colors and lines, you will find yourself immersed in the Japanese society from the Edo Era to the Pre-WWII times.

The exhibition consists of 2 themed parts, 歳時記: Year-time chronicle and 当世風: The floating world. The first part, Year-time chronicle, presents a reoccurring circulation of time throughout a year, with symbols associated with the four seasons. Then, in the part of The floating world, we reveal the traditional pastime of 18 to 20th century Japan, by exposing figurative scenes from to theatre arts, moreover, to the extent of significant historical events (i.e. the Meiji Restoration). Each part of the exhibition would be divided into more sub-sections, demonstrating a variety of original works made by over 15 famous Japanese artists.

Whether you are a lover of Japanese culture or a specialist in the art industry, or you are just looking for some colors to lighten up your dull corona time: you will have the chance to lose yourself in streams of scenery appearing in your dream, discover some new materials for studying, or even meet an ideal print for decorating your own place. So, make your reservation now before the seats run out!

A glance into the floating world.